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Welcome to our website: the online home for A-Class Draperies and Interiors Limited. We're so happy that you found us. We are custom-designed for the Modern Drapery Fabricator today. Here's what you'll find in our universe:


We have videos, blogs, courses and reports that teach you everything you need to know about expert Drapery Fabrication. Find clear, step-by-step, instructions at A-Class!


We work with a select group of discerning clients who value excellence, expertise and efficiency in design, fabrication and delivery. Be inspired and start creating!


The fastest way to grow your net worth is to grow the right network! Join a community of talented, like-minded drapery fabricators and go to the next level in your career

So come explore our Universe

See what's new and exciting. Empower yourself, motivate yourself and connect yourself to your own greatness. We are living proof that success in this Industry is possible and you can do it too! So come connect with us, learn with us and grow with us. We train the experts.


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